Kelvin Kiptum Foundation

To keep the memory of Kelvin Kiptum alive and support his family and community, the Kelvin Kiptum Foundation was launched. The fund will predominantly provide financial support to the families, school children in the region, and talented runners.

With the death of Kelvin Kiptum, the sports world lost a great athlete, but above all, his family lost a warm family man, someone who could offer a better future to his immediate community.

Kelvin’s recent sporting successes gave his family and parents a window into a brighter future. Golazo – who had been supporting Kelvin since 2018, and also organises many marathons – wants to continue to offer that perspective through the foundation.

The families of Kelvin and his trainer Gervais – who was killed alongside Kelvin – can count on the continued support from the fund to meet their daily needs and allow their children to attend school.

Kelvin was committed to giving all children in his community the opportunity to go to school. The Foundation will pick up where he left off by for instance covering school fees where needed.

In addition, talented youngsters will be supported through numerous resources, such as equipment and transport. This should give them a chance to train, participate in camps or local competitions.

Golazo invites all (marathon) runners to support the Kelvin Kiptum Foundation and keep his legacy alive. Those who want to can donate via

Kelvin Kiptum

Kelvin Kiptum (December 2, 1999 – February 11, 2024) was the world record holder in the marathon. In just 10 months, the Kenyan athlete achieved three stunning results. In December 2022, Kiptum won as the fastest debutant the marathon in Valencia (2.01.53). In London he improved this time to 2.01.25. On October 8, 2023, he set the world record by becoming the first athlete to finish under 2 hours and 1 minute in Chicago: 2:00:35.

Kiptum would participate in the 43rd NN Marathon Rotterdam on April 14, 2024. He had big plans: his goal was to break his own world record. Under perfect conditions he could have become the first athlete to break the magical barrier of 2 hours.

On February 11, 2024, Kiptum died in a car accident in Kenya. He left behind his wife and two children. His coach Gervais Hakizimana also died in the accident.